CMS Quality Measurements Projects and the Goals

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How is your organization dealing  with the ICD-10 implementation? Picture

How is your organization dealing with the ICD-10 implementation?

Here are some tips that can help your organization

CMS Star Report Picture

CMS Star Report

Do you know where to go to get your Medicare Star Report?

Errors when writing skilled visits frequency and duration

Did you know that the Medicare week varies from one home care agency to another?

Documentation Tip - Corrections to the clinical record

Always make sure you know your organization's policy and procedure for correcting documentation in the patient medical record.

CMS Quality Measurements Projects and the Goals

CMS is presently developing outcome core measures that are patient oriented and cross providers setting during the continuum of care.

November 28, 2015

Home Health will be seen changes to the OASIS-C2 to OASIS-D, effective January 2019. All home health organization will need to ensure that their clinicians receive aggressive education on OASIS data collection, communicating with other health care providers outside home care and use best practices. On July 2016 home care organization opportunity to improve their QOA Report will have ended. At the same time home care organizations need to develop a process(es) to ensure that anyone in the organization that identifies an opportunity to improve patients outcomes reports the findings to the appropriate clinician. Some proposed measures being considered are:

Timely Initiation of Care

Patient Safety: Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Care

Improvement in pain interfering with activity and CAHPS measures

Plus the measure that you can find in the Federal Register/Volume.80, No. 132/Friday, July 10, 2015/Propose Rules