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Using Critical Thinking to create the patient plan of care.

The worst disservice a clinician can do their patient and employer is not to use critical thinking when developing, implementing, revising the patient's Plan of Care, see "Using "Critical Thinking" during clinical practice..."

AHCA Home Care Unit

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Post-Acute Care and Home Health Care

What happen to the Acute-Care organization's Discharge Planners and the Post-Acure Care Home Health Care Community Liaison? These roles have disappeared to be replace ....

Quality Management Role For The Betterment of Your Agency Picture

Quality Management Role For The Betterment of Your Agency

The Quality Manager can be a catalytic agent between departments in your organization. A Quality Manager in a strategic position in an organization can help improve revenues in multiple ways. Identifying processes assigned to staff ....


OASIS Tip - M1600 Patients discharged with an UTI on discharge and PAEs Report

Are your Potentially Avoidable Events (PAEs) Report showing an increase in patients being discharged while having an UTI?

Ready for CMS QAPI Program?

According to CMS in 2011 several nursing homes providers begun testing CMS QAPI Program, Quality Assurance (QA) and Performance Improvement (PI), Program which includes Five Elements...


Patients falls are a marker of frailty, immobility...

Understanding Medicare Home Health Services

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Preparing for State Survey

Preparation for Survey.... HHCN Today consultants will be able to not only provide your organization with a non-vies professional constructive critique but assist you in developing, implementing and monitoring a plan of action to improve processes within your organization to always be ready for survey. How do we do this? Simply by collecting data, there is an enormous amount of data in a home health agency that when collected, aggregated, disseminated and analyzed will provide administrators and clinicians with a quantitative and qualitative picture of your organization.

Findings may include clinicians answering OASIS questions incorrectly, non-clinical personal entering the opposite OASIS answers theses errors once transmitted to CMS can result in poor outcomes in the Home Health Compare(HH-Compare), Five Star and Home Health Value Based Purchasing Program(HH-VBPP). Home Heath Compare results have become a marketing tool for home health agencies. Other consequences of inaccurate OASIS data submission can result in failing state survey due to more than usual "Potentially Avoidable Events" which can trigger a survey.

Compliance - Quality Assurance Manager

Other activity that can help an organization be proactive is completing chart audits at least quarterly and aggregating the data to produce quantitative answers that can be use to target the improvement of the agency performance. A chart audit tool is an instrument that can measure compliance with clinical practice, regulation and standards from accreditation bodies. The data can also help identify and support compliance with other processes in the organization as the admission process, development of the Plan of Care, compliance with clinical practice, infection control and risk management issues.

Our Quality Manager can help your organization manage these activities in a cost effective manner.

Reviewed 10/2019