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Quality Assurance data for Performance Improvement

How specific are your clinicians when developing a Patient Fall Program? How do you track and educate clinicians to reduce and or prevent patient injuries related to patients\' falls? The Triangle Pyramid...

Encouraging Physicians to Properly Complete Face to Face Encounters

Physicians may find themselves being denied payment by CMS for Case Management overseen fees and office visits due to poor documentation in their patient\\\'s medical record.

Discipline Frequency and Duration Orders

Did you know that the Medicare week to write orders for treatments and/or frequency and duration varies from home health agency to home health agency? For more information see "Are you knew to the home…?”

Up-date to ICD-10!

Changes to ICD-10 for 2018-2019 from the CDC!


Home Health Value-Based Purchasing Program (HHVBPP) Pilot  Program Picture

Home Health Value-Based Purchasing Program (HHVBPP) Pilot Program

Preliminary and final reports are available at the Value Based Portal site!


Problems getting your Pepper Report...

Acute-Care and Post-Acute Care Outcomes

What are the common Outcomes between Acute-Care and Post-Acute Care Organizations?

Samples of Documentation

Documentation that reflects what skills were actually performed by the clinician...

Medical Record Paper Forms

Keeping track of all the organization's forms as MOD orders, Medication Profile and others can be a challenge for home health organization. Multiple factors as high turnover of staff, not housing the forms in an assigned location in main system drive, not following a processes to develop and approve forms and not educating staff members on these issues can cause havoc in the organization's charts.

Developing paper forms is one of the most challenging task for an organizations who are not using an electronic record. Implementing a Forms Committee that includes staff members who will be impacted by changes or new forms is to the advantage of the organization. The medical records forms need to be develop to meet a state and federal regulations and accreditation standards. The home health organization needs to have a process that ensures that all forms that are part of the medical record are approved by the Professional Advisory Committee (PAC).

There are forms that are developed for tracking data as the Occurrence and Infection Control Reports, while these forms are not part of the medical record changes to these forms can impact statistical report for administrators and managers thus they need to be check with the organization's Quality Manager.

Home Health Care Network Today, Inc. (HHCNT) can help you develop many of the paper forms and implement the processes necessary to ensure consistency in managing your organization forms.


Policies & Procedures

Administrative Policies & Procedures need to be review periodically and revised to accommodate the state and federal regulations, OSHA, CDC, Department of Health requirements, accrediting bodies and more. All those impacted by a policy that is being develop or revised need to be represented in the Policy and Procedure to provide recommendations to those members of the team who are not immediately impacted by the changes or development of a new policy.