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CMS Proposed Rule of the Home Health QAPI Program

CMS propose regulations needs more work! Make home care organizations assign the QAPI Program responsibilities to a staff member who is free of conflict between the non-clinical and clinical departments in the home care organization.

Up-date to ICD-10!

Changes to ICD-10 for 2018-2019 from the CDC!

Does staff cohesiveness impact your organization success?

Leadership tools must include alternative effective forms of communication in order to achieve cohesiveness in an organization, read more...

AHCA Home Care Unit

AHCA Latest News...


CMS Recovery Audits Contractors (RACs)

How many home health agencies failed to respond to Palmetto GBA auto request for copies of the medical record for review in Florida for an specific code probe?

The Language of ICD-10

You are going to need to re-wire your brain!

CMS Auditors

There are multiple points in the CMS reimbursement loop for home care agencies to receive denials from RACs Audits. One of those is failing respond to Palmetto GBA auto request for copies of medical records for review because the organization does n

Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP)

Is Medicare responsible to pay the home health bill when a patient suffers an injury and anotherr payer is covering the expences? The answer is complex and it has a high potential for delaying the release of the final bill to Medicare, see MSP.

Home Health Care Agency Form Creation

Every home health agency must have up-to-date mandatory forms requiere by state and federal (CMS, AHCA and OSHA) regulations and accrediting bodies for the patient medical record. It is imperative that forms that collect data that are part of the patient medical record are user friendly. See sample forms.

The patient medical record is a "legal" document and is protected under several federal and state regulations as HIPAA, AHCA (FL). Organizations as "American Health Information Management Association" (AHIMA) provides a "Guidelines for Defining the Health Record for Legal Purposes" and the "National Committee for Quality Assurance" (NCQA) also provides a "Guidelines for Medical Record Documentation".

Forms Gathering Data 

Other forms are usually developed by the organization to collect data to complete reports for survey as PAC and QI meetings, Utilization Review, patient and employee occurrence reports and infection control reports for employees and patients.

We can help your organization to decrease redundancies in paper work by ensuring that all paper forms in the medical record capture the information required.