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Understanding Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP)

Understanding the role that Medicare Secondary Payer plays to patient care and your agency is critical.

Does staff cohesiveness impact your organization success?

Leadership tools must include alternative effective forms of communication in order to achieve cohesiveness in an organization, read more...

Up-date to ICD-10!

Changes to ICD-10 for 2018-2019 from the CDC!

CMS Quality Measurements Projects and the Goals

CMS is presently developing outcome core measures that are patient oriented and cross providers setting during the continuum of care.



Patients falls are a marker of frailty, immobility...

Ready for CMS QAPI Program?

According to CMS in 2011 several nursing homes providers begun testing CMS QAPI Program, Quality Assurance (QA) and Performance Improvement (PI), Program which includes Five Elements...

OASIS Tip - M1600 Patients discharged with an UTI on discharge and PAEs Report

Are your Potentially Avoidable Events (PAEs) Report showing an increase in patients being discharged while having an UTI?

Medicare Home Health and Software Integration Solutions

Selecting the appropriate software for your home health business that can handle your agency financial and clinical needs can be a challenge.

Software integration for Point of Care is becoming more the norm in the home health industry. A home health organization faces many challenges when deciding to invest thousands of dollars in a clinical and billing software program, and hardware devices. Some of these challanges are:

1. Impact to re-inbursement due to down time in developing a POC and dropping a RAP/Final bill.

2. Coordinating the transition of the patient medical record information from paper to electronic or from one application to another.  

HHCNToday can assist you with the implementation and education of your Point of Care software by educating your clinicians and being available for troubleshooting clinician’s frustrations that will delay completion of the SOC/ROC/Trans/Recert/Discharge, and delay your re-imbursement cash flow.

The following are some of the software programs utilized in home health agencies:





Revised 3/2/2020