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Using Critical Thinking to create the patient plan of care.

The worst disservice a clinician can do their patient and employer is not to use critical thinking when developing, implementing, revising the patient's Plan of Care, see "Using "Critical Thinking" during clinical practice..."

Up-date to ICD-10!

Changes to ICD-10 for 2018-2019 from the CDC!

Understanding Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP)

Understanding the role that Medicare Secondary Payer plays to patient care and your agency is critical.

AHCA Home Care Unit

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Problems getting your Pepper Report...

CMS Pay for Performance Requirements

What does your organization second QAO Historical Report show? above 70% or higher, if is lower than 70% you have lots of work to do starting with making sure you have the right consultants to help you...

How is your organization dealing  with the ICD-10 implementation? Picture

How is your organization dealing with the ICD-10 implementation?

Here are some tips that can help your organization

Facing a Negative State Survey 

Understanding what to do if your home care agency receives a negative survey

When a negative AHCA survey for licensure or a complaint occurs a plan of correction (POC) AHCA Form 3020-0001 and sometimes a fine may be required. Completing the POC does not have to be a trying episode. Developing a POC his is an opportunity for improvement and should be put together with the assistance of all team members that will be affected by it.

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Revised 1/3/2016