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CMS Quality Measurements Projects and the Goals

CMS is presently developing outcome core measures that are patient oriented and cross providers setting during the continuum of care.

CMS Proposed Rule of the Home Health QAPI Program

CMS propose regulations needs more work! Make home care organizations assign the QAPI Program responsibilities to a staff member who is free of conflict between the non-clinical and clinical departments in the home care organization.

Quality Assurance data for Performance Improvement

How specific are your clinicians when developing a Patient Fall Program? How do you track and educate clinicians to reduce and or prevent patient injuries related to patients\' falls? The Triangle Pyramid...

Up-date to ICD-10!

Changes to ICD-10 for 2018-2019 from the CDC!



A Skilled Nursing Visit ...Clinical Vignet: 85 yrs old male admitted on 06/19/2015 at BBB Hospital for 4 days. Discharge home on 06/22/2015 with a stage II pressure ulcer on left heel and co-morbidity of Diabetes, Hypertension and Left CVA, patient is o

Documentation Tip - Corrections to the clinical record

Always make sure you know your organization's policy and procedure for correcting documentation in the patient medical record.

Fostering a Culture of Quality Picture

Fostering a Culture of Quality

A Quality Manager function is to build and foster a culture of quality within an organization.

CMS Auditors

There are multiple points in the CMS reimbursement loop for home care agencies to receive denials from RACs Audits. One of those is failing respond to Palmetto GBA auto request for copies of medical records for review because the organization does n

We achieved 100% Customer Satisfaction and this is why:

Customer #1

Lily/HHCNT is a highly skilled consultant with no-non-sense solutions to an agency's issues. You can always count on Lily and her group to guide you in the most compliance manner. By Bonnie Gillenwater RN


Customer #2

Lily/HHCNToday makes QA/QI look like Childs play! The staff is very knowledgeable, very organized, she helps to keep me on track. I only wish I could have them FULL TIME!!! Janie Blakenship RN/Director of Nursing.

Customer #3

Completely Satisfied and have recommended HHCNT to other agencies. You and your staff are wonderful asset to our organization. Debra Lee, RN/Administrator.

Customer #4

 We absolutely LOVE Home Health Care Network Today, Inc.! They have been an integral part in the development of ur agency Quaity Improvement and Assurance Program. HHCNToday has been an incredible blessing to our organization through our accreditation process - I honetly do not know whata I would do without her!!! Kristen Chapman, RN/Administrators.