OASIS Tip - M1600 Patients discharged with an UTI on discharge and PAEs Report

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Are your Potentially Avoidable Events (PAEs) Report showing an increase in patients being discharged while having an UTI?

December 31, 2019

Chart Audits will give you the answer.

According the OASIS-D1 Guidance Manual this data is collected at SOC, ROC and Discharge from Agency - not to an inpatient facility thru M1600

What you need to do?

1. Print the patient list from iQIES/CASPER website.

2. Review each patient medical record to:

a. Identify if the patient did have a UTI infection during the past 14 days prior to disharged using a PAE Data Collection Tool.

b. Gather data from all audits and analyze to identify trends then present findings in the Agency next QAPI meeting.

c. Share finding with staff.

Reviewed 12.2019